Convention 2021

Hosted at the Adelaide Fellowship locations with content streamed in from all over our worldwide fellowship


If only… I could feel safe

Kyra’s childhood was broken and unsafe. When she and her younger brother were adopted by people who believed in God, she began to feel safe. Not only did she have parents to rely on, she also realised she could trust God. When Kyra received the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues, she knew God had proved himself to her. She knows her family’s hope is in the Lord.

If only… I knew the truth

Despite always believing in God, Kyle was searching to find a way to know if he was saved. He watched videos online, read the Bible and went to a church, but it wasn’t until someone showed him the truth of how to be saved that he saw a way for God to prove Himself. After being baptised and filled with the Holy Spirit, Kyle’s search was over – he found salvation and a faithful God.

If only… my life was different

Brendan was a homeless alcoholic who did not know peace. After hitting rock-bottom, Brendan knew he had nothing to lose by giving God a chance. The moment he received the Holy Spirit, he knew God was real. He was baptised in water and his life instantly changed.

If only… I could have a baby

Jess was told that due to complications caused by polycystic ovary syndrome and endometriosis, she would not be able to conceive a child naturally. When she heard the gospel along with her fiancé, they were baptised and she received the Holy Spirit. They were married and later found out they were expecting a naturally conceived child. Jess is grateful to God for answering her prayers and giving her a healthy son.

If only… I found peace

After prayer, Harry found peace and healing from anxiety, but when he ran away from God, his life was full of strife again. Physical and mental struggles overwhelmed him, and he decided to turn back to God. He was baptised in water and received God’s Holy Spirit, speaking in other tongues. Now he knows God is with him, guiding him day by day.

If only… I felt like I belonged

Even though Brodie never had trouble fitting in, he always knew there had to be more to life. Now that he has found God, he has a life full of blessings and a place where he feels like he really belongs.


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