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Welcome to The Revival Fellowship.
We are a group of Spirit-Filled people who have had their lives changed through the power of God. We experience signs, wonders and miracles just like Jesus did 2000 years ago. We hold true to the Bible teachings and the foundation of our church can be found in the book of Acts where the outpouring of God’s Spirit began the true Pentecost movement.

Come and experience a true Spirit-Filled church for yourself……

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True Stories

I finally found the truth

Despite always believing in God, Kyle was searching to find a way to know if he was saved. He watched videos online, read the Bible and went to a church, but it wasn’t until someone showed him the truth of how to be saved that he saw a way for God to prove Himself. After being baptised and filled with the Holy Spirit, Kyle’s search was over – he found salvation and a faithful God.

I found a place of safety

Kyra’s childhood was broken and unsafe. When she and her younger brother were adopted by people who believed in God, she began to feel safe. Not only did she have parents to rely on, she also realised she could trust God. When Kyra received the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues, she knew God had proved himself to her. She knows her family’s hope is in the Lord.

I found somewhere I belonged

Even though Brodie never had trouble fitting in, he always knew there had to be more to life. Now that he has found God, he has a life full of blessings and a place where he feels like he really belongs.

My life turned around

46 years ago, life brought Cheryl to the point where she was planning her own suicide and that of her two pre-school aged children. Cheryl heard that she could have a personal experience with God where He could prove Himself and, although sceptical, she received the Holy Spirit and spoke out in a brand-new language as evidence of that.
Cheryl’s whole life turned around at that point. Her depression instantly left and so did her addiction to smoking and swearing. God cleaned up her life and has been her comfort and strength and truth ever since.

I found what was missing

While Daniel grew up in a happy home, went to a good school and had good friends, he always felt there was something missing.
When he was baptised and spoke in tongues, the feeling that something was missing instantly left. His life changed in ways he didn’t expect and Daniel is so grateful to have found the truth.

My broken heart was healed

Helen’s heart was broken after she lost her husband to cancer. She tried to drown her sorrows with alcohol but nothing worked. In 2018, she was baptised and spirit filled and her life immediately changed. Helen stopped drinking and started rejoicing. God healed her broken heart. He gave her a better life and she was saved from so many bad things in this world. Now Helen loves telling people about God, reading the Bible, and loves the new language God has placed in her. She loves the church and Jesus’s ministry, hearing about signs, wonders and miracles all the time. Her favourite scripture is ‘Come unto me, all ye who are heavy laden, and I will give you rest’ (Matthew 11:28).

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